Best Lansing Custom Home Builder believes that we are the premier choice when it comes to building a custom home in the area. Over the last 20 years we have become there is highest rated and reviewed contractor simply because people say working with us was extremely fun and exciting without all the stress that is typically accompanied by building a custom home. During this 20 years James Edward builders have developed a six step sales process that we have perfected in order to keep up with the changing times as well as help us tailor the process to accomplish the goals of our clients and exceed expectations each and every time.

Best Lansing Custom Home Builder was ultimately founded on a desire to build custom homes but in order to stand out and be different we knew that we wanted to help eliminate the number one complaint of the process which is the same nationwide. Most people will tell you that the level of stress during a custom home building process is the worst part and we are here to make sure that’s not the case when choosing to do business with James Edward builders.

The six step sales process best Lansing Custom Home Builder has developed starts with a free estimate and 3-D rendering of your design. You have the opportunity to take a tour of any of the previous projects that we have completed as well as we will create a custom 3-D rendering to help fit your specific desires wants and needs. During the tour we encourage you to take a look at things that you may not have previously considered and things that you have that you may not like once you see them. We will always help you elevate your budget to help exceed your expectations and show you things that could be possible while never pushing you outside of your budget. The sales process is a no pressure system because our goal is to not just sell your home and make you feel like you’re part of our family.

James Edward builders has high quality craftsmanship that we have been developing over the last 20 years of experience building hundreds of custom homes and countless remodels. We are here to get you excited about what’s possible with your budget, we have spent 20 years finding ways to take even the smallest budget and making it feel like you got way more. We have preferred lenders that you can work with if you have not yet secured financing as well as land that you may buy if you do not currently have a spot for your Lansing Custom Home Builder.

Give us a call today at 517-256-4452 or visit us online at give us an opportunity to answer any questions as well as take advantage of the gallery of hundreds of projects we have previously completed.

Best Lansing Custom Home Builder

Best Lansing Custom Home Builder is here to build you the Lansing Custom Home Builder of your dreams while having extreme level of attention to detail that will ultimately give you one of the most pleasurable stress-free experiences of your life. Some people will tell you that buying a home or building a home is one of the most stressful times of your life and we believe that’s just not how it has to be, that is why we have developed a six step process to help stay organized and gives us an opportunity to take the process step-by-step and the time to pay attention to all the details in order to make your home perfect and move-in ready.

Over 20 years ago best Lansing Custom Home Builder was opened with the idea of being able to deliver a custom bill home without all of the stress that comes along with it as well as finding a way to make the process and experience an enjoyable one. With hundreds of people that we have had the opportunity to serve you can read some of the reviews about our company were people have said that not only was the process easy and stress less but it was actually fun and enjoyable. We have had clients build multiple homes with us which is something that we are extremely excited about. We understand that our reputation is a direct reflection of our client’s satisfaction. We hope that our ratings and reviews can help prove that we are the best builder of custom homes and remodels.

Best Lansing Custom Home Builder Lansing first steps and are process is the free estimate and 3-D rendering that we offer. The 3-D rendering and estimates are absolutely free there’s no obligation to pay or buy anything until we have signed an agreement to build and have secured financing. Dana first step you have an opportunity to tour some of the other projects that we have created you get an opportunity to see things and how they fit as well as take advantage of seeing some of the things that you may not have previously thought of or maybe you will see some things that you thought you liked it turns out you don’t. We want to set expectations and desires that are individualized to you the homeowner so that you can feel comfortable and excited to be coming home each and every day.

James Edward builders is known for having high quality craftsmanship and experts that have years of experience in building custom homes and our people that you can trust to maintain and live up to your expectations and desires. The number one concern is delivering an experience that is enjoyable. There is a warranty available on your home the offers you nonbusiness hours help as well.

We can help you secure financing if that is something that you’re interested in. We do have preferred lenders that we have built relationships with the last 20 years that have proven themselves to us to be excellent. If acquiring land is something that you need help with we can help find land as well as you can purchase land that we already have if the area is fitting to your families desires. Give us a call today at 517-256-4452 or visit us online at and take advantage of the opportunity to review hundreds of pictures and I gallery of previous projects.

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