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Have you heard that building a home can be difficult or stressful? At James Edward Builders, we feel the process is simple and stress-free. Maybe the person who told you that built with a company that doesn’t have the proven process and experienced team in place to do things the James Edward Builders way. What we like to tell our customers is “We’ve done this a few hundred times, so it’s ok if you haven’t”. You aren’t out there on your own trying to figure it all out. You will have your James Edward Builders Team right there with you from contract to Design, to Drafting, to Construction, to Warranty. We have experienced experts in place to guide you and answer the questions we already know you would have. In fact, we actually can already tell you what questions you are going to have before you have them. If you are unsure of what the process is, let me walk you through it right now.


Step One –Touring Some of Our Homes and Discussing Layout Ideas

The Home tours allow you to show in just 45-60 minutes what your wants and needs are. This quickly helps us when we sit down and discuss your new home layout.


Step Two – Evaluate your Budget

We discuss which of our Preferred Lenders would be best for your specific financial situation.

At James Edward Builders, we are careful to get you excited about what you can afford, not what you cannot afford.


Step Three – Homesite Acquisition

At James Edward Builders, we have our own homesites that may fit your lifestyle, or we can assist you in finding you a homesite of your liking. Of course, if you already own a site we will be happy to design and build for that site.


Step Four – Purchase Agreement

We will next evaluate the most important features to you both interior and exterior detailing. Then based on that information, we will present the purchase agreement. After you authorize the purchase agreement, we will go to the Bank and secure financing.


Step Five – Building

Once financing is secured, it’s time to break ground and get the fun started. You will receive a phone call from your Construction Manager so he can introduce himself to you. He will stay in contact with you throughout the processes with progress updates via email, text or medium of your desire. We have been told by our customers, that they were amazed how joyful their build process was and how impressed they were with all of our talented selection experts. At James Edward Builders, our team prides themselves on making the selection process as fun and professional as possible!


Step Six – Move-In

Once your home is finished, you will begin your warranty period and have direct access via phone or email to your warranty department. In your Homeowner’s Manual, there are emergency phone numbers if you need answers or help during non-business hours. Once again, your overall experience with James Edward Builders continues after you occupy your new Custom Designed Home!


From start to finish James Edward Builders provides creative design with high quality craftsmanship to build you your dream home!

Already have the perfect piece of land? If so, great! If not, we can help. Let the experts here at James Edward Builders help you find the ideal property for your new home. Check out our exclusive subdivisions!

Concerned about the design of your home? Leave it to the experts! At James Edward Builder we build to your lifestyle. We’ll work side by side with you providing creative custom design to develop your ideal look and feel.

During the build of your new home you’ll work closely with the founder of James Edward Builders. We take a special interest in each family and individual we work with. Creative design and high quality craftsmanship guaranteed. If you need help with financing, not a problem, we can help. Check out the quality of our homes yourself.

Looking to fix up your current home, look no further. James Edward Builders can remodel your current home from design to finished project. We can rebuild or remodel everything from basements, living rooms, kitchens to your bathroom or deck! Give us a call today to find out what it would take to remodel your home into a design that works best for you.

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