You might be wondering is the best Lansing custom home builder, how do our services actually work? Well, that is a great question. James Edward Builders has been a trusted name in the custom home building industry for over a decade. We primarily work out of the great Lansing area, but we do branch out to local and surrounding towns. So out our service actually work? They can be broken down into some steps.

Our service that we would begin after contact and figuring out little bit of what we can do for you. Maybe you want to buy a house, but you don’t know exactly what you’re looking, well the first that would be to bring some of our homes and discussing layout ideas. There is no problem with this, we there are many people that are 100% sure about what they wanting out of a home. But that is why we make it easier for everyone by offering ideas and examples the can see in person. After getting an idea of what you’re looking for new home, we would evaluate your budget. We want to make the greatest impossible for you, but we don’t put you out of money or into financial trouble, so it is important for us to go over your budget and see what exactly you can afford.

Once we figured out what you’re looking for in your home, and evaluated your budget, then the next steps would be to talk about location. We could build on your own land, or if you didn’t have your own land, James Edward Builders has a variety of exclusive subdivisions available. This is important because, obviously, we have have a location before we can start building. After figuring out home details, budget, as well as location, would be the purchase agreement. We have to have this before we can start building because it takes thought to build a homes we have to make sure that you are completely on board.

The next steps would be to start building. We are the best Lansing custom home builder because once financing is secured, our construction manager will reach out to you so you can and introduce himself to you. Is our policy to stay in contact with you throughout the process and give you progress updates the email, text, or any way you wish. We don’t believe any any hidden fees or mysterious expenses. We value your time and money, so we will never waste it. We always work as quickly as we can without compromising the quality of our work. After building, the next up would be to actually move in. This is the final step for you and it is when you will begin your warranty period.

So now you know a little bit of our services actually work as the best Lansing custom home builder. James Edward Builders prides itself on not only being able to complete the whole home buying project, but also making everything easier for our customers. We love to make things super simple. We exist to bring solutions to our customers regarding the buying of their home, so call us today 517-256-4452 or reach out to us online at!

What Are You Looking For From The Best Lansing Custom Home Builder?

The best Lansing custom home builder, how to resolve problems exactly? Well, James Edward Builders solves problems in number ways. We have been making a name for ourselves in the custom home building industry since 2000. One of the ways that we solve problems is through all the plan options that we offer, the location options, and the potential hassle of the home buying experience.

So the ways we solve problems the James Edward Builders is through all the different plan options that we offer. We solve problems for our customers by going off of a plan that they already have, or by making one for them. Because we build so many homes, our architects have already drawn up numerous custom layouts, which our customers can choose from. This is especially helpful for first-time buyers because they don’t always know what they’re looking for what they need in a home. Are premade layouts make it easy for them not only to choose, but also to understand will parts the home they need to look for.

We also the best Lansing custom home builder, because we also offer location options for our customers. Much like plans, if our customer already has a location to build on, the no problem at all! We can build on the property if they want us to, or if they don’t have it we have numerous Friday of exclusive subdivisions available. The subdivisions range in different types from condominiums, to large lot houses with approximately 1 and a half to 2 and a half acres. Our subdivisions are incredible and are set up in the best locations. They are sure to satisfy any of our customers needs. We have Country Farm Estates in Laingsburg, we have the Hilltop Condominiums, we have Riverwalk Meadows and Mason, and we have Withey Estates in Webberville.

The most important things that we solve is hassle for our customers. Here at James Edward Builders, we understand that sometimes the home buying process can be very daunting and complicated, especially for first-time buyer. In the complete home-building process, there are many different areas and phases of construction, and because many contractors only specialize in one area such as painting or plumbing, many home-building processes involved dozens upon dozens of different contractors. This gets extremely complicated with, not only space of working, timing, but also the time and attention of having to reach out and stay in contact with each one as well as stay focused on all the different fees and costs of each one.

So, how does the best Lansing custom home builder saw problems but James Edward Builders solves problems in many different ways such as offering many different plan options, location options as well as making things easier and saving homebuyers a lot of hassle and stress. Our business exists to bring solutions to our customers make things easier. So call us today at 517-256-4452 or reach out to us online at to see just what we can do for you today!

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