Find Best Custom Home Builder Lansing for the best quality of service and high quality craftsmanship. James Edward builders is the contractor we are looking for to build your next custom home with a high level of integrity and was here specific desires in mind. With our proven process our goal is to make sure that your home building experience is a low stress event and something that you can tell your friends and family was actually exciting. We built hundreds of homes and have years of experience and we are ready to exceed your expectations.

When looking to build a new custom home find best Custom Home Builder Lansing is here to help you design and set the expectations that you want to set and again fits the desires that you want because you are in control and in charge. Our process puts you in charge so that you are going to be assured that you what you ask for based off the expectations that you have set with the project manager and design team. We have a no pressure so system to where we work at your pace and by your desires.

The six step process find best Custom Home Builder Lansing has is designed to help eliminate and alleviate the stress worries and confusion that comes along with the design and planning of a new custom home to be built. First few steps is set up for us to tour other homes in person as well as 3-D renderings of homes for you to look at and get ideas from or to see how an idea that you have would fit. We also help you acquire land if that is something that you need. Oftentimes we have land that you can purchase or we have people that help us with land acquisition at affordable prices. Also during our planning process we do a absolute best to maintain everything within the budget you have to work with. James Edwards builders does not use high-pressure sales tactics to push you outside of your budget but yet, instead what we would do is do the research investigations to make sure that you get the most for your money to be sure that your desires have been met and your expectations have been exceeded.

When you choose to work with James Edwards builders you will have the privilege of working with areas top Custom Home Builder Lansing with years of experience. We also have preferred vendors to help you elevate your budget and get the most out of your opportunity. We will always do our best to excite you about what you can accomplish within your budget and avoid getting excited about things that are outside of your budget because we are not a high-pressure sales company. We have one goal and that is to provide exceptional service at a low level of stress.

So anyway forgive us call day at 517-256-4452 or visit us online at to view some pictures of previous projects and read more about our company.

Find Best Custom Home Builder Lansing

Find best Custom Home Builder Lansing for all your Custom Home Builder Lansing needs as well as remodeling. James Edward builders can build you the new custom home that you’ve always dreamed of or remodel that basement that you have wanted to turn into a more useful part of the home. We love to remodel kitchens and we can even build you the deck house out around the pool that you have been looking for. Our high quality craftsmanship is sure to impress you, your friends, and your neighbors. James Edwards builders is committed to maintaining a high attention to detail to make sure that everything is perfect for you.

Find Custom Home Builder Lansing has many options for you and your family to choose from in order to make sure that your desires are met exactly the way you want. James Edwards builders has a half focus to make sure that every customer gets what they desire at an extreme high level of service with low pressure sells. You can also call us for any remodels that you may want to do on your current home whether you are planning to stay or looking to sell your home. James Edwards builders have years of experience remodeling kitchens basements and even building custom decks.

Find best Custom Home Builder Lansing has a simple six step process that has been proven over the years to not only make the process a little easier but it also helps eliminate a ton of stress that comes along with designing and building custom home. Also, the process allows us to pay attention to the details at a high-level in order to maintain an expert level of service to help you accomplish the goals and desires you have.

Our six step process starts with taking tours of current properties or past projects as well as we can design a 3-D rendering with extreme detail to show you what your future home is going to look like and what features will fit and how they will complement each other. During a 3-D rendering design helps us figure out what’s going to work and how it will look so you know before you ever sign a contract what you’re going to get and how to come out. We know that the level of service we provide will blow you away and far exceed your expectations.

James Edwards builders has spent years developing high quality craftsmanship and have years of experience building custom homes for hundreds of people. Our company was founded and created with one principle in mind some make the home building experience an enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to give us a call at 517-256-4452 and take the opportunity to ask us some of the questions that may be on your mind. Also, visit us online at and take advantage of the opportunity to view our gallery of past projects and other custom homes with built to help you understand what we can do and get ideas for your next home. Also wire on their you can see that we have exclusive subdivisions and land that you may purchase from us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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