If you live in Lansing, Michigan, then we want to give you a huge shout out because for the people looking for homes for sale Lansing, then you aren’t locked because you are in James Edward Builders territory. James Edward Builders is the highest most reviewed custom home builder in Lansing. We build custom home from the ground up and we can also remodel your current home if you feel like you’re already in your dream home. The bread and butter of what we do though here is offering custom built homes for the Lansing area. If you live in Lansing to make sure you call us today so we can get you started with our easy 6 at process for building a custom home that we have designed to be a stress-free and is fun as home buying can possibly be.

We offer homes for sale Lansing that are the highest quality and the most beautifully designed in the entire at Lansing area. We have design consultant standing by to help you through the six-step process of building a home with James Edward Builders. It starts with Tori home to get ideas for layouts and design decisions, evaluating our budget to see where we’re at as far as price range, then going through the home side acquisition, offering you a price out in a purchase agreement, building the home itself, and then giving you the keys to move in! That is a brief description of how it plays out, but that is essentially the step by step process that we offer here to provide you with the highest quality custom built homes that have ever been seen in Lansing.

Our company was started by James gottschalk 25 years ago and that man still owns and operates the company today with over 25 years of experience in home design and construction. We can provide you with the best custom built home, which can be attested to by any of our home or are many of the high quality reviews that you can find on Google today. We’re here to help you find a design to home of your dreams with the best high-quality materials and the most experienced highly-qualified consultants and technicians to build a home. We can build your home on your land or ours.

So if you’re searching for homes for sale Lansing Michigan you can do no better than coming to see us because we start the process was a free in-house custom floor plan design with 3D rendering so you can see what the housemaid look like from the very start before we go any further. The actual process is actually free up until the purchase agreement for anybody. We also provide the best warranty zero money down in 100% financing.

We are proud to offer the best homes in Lansing, and we have been doing so for 25 years. If you’re interested in our homes and what we can do for you then get in touch with us at 517-256-4452 or you can go directly to our website at jamesedwardbuilders.com to find more information and photo galleries of our previously custom built homes.

Homes For Sale Lansing | Three Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

People that are looking for homes for sale Lansing off end up here at James Edward Builderss because they know that we are the highest and most reviewed custom home builder in Lansing and we can provide them with the highest quality custom built homes throughout the entire community and surrounding communities as well. We build homes in the ground up using a simple 6 step process to take all of the stress, confusion and complexity out of building a custom built home. We’ve been doing it for over 25-years providing you with custom built homes, Remodeling and move-in-ready homes.

People that come to us for homes for sale Lansing off and have some of the same questions in one form or another and we want to address 3 right here. The first one that people come to us on the most regular basis is what we can do as far as financing. Whenever you come to James Edward Builders we can offer you two zero money down and 100% financing. We can do everything we can to help you get you into the home of your dreams. Part of our six step process is evaluating your budget to find out what the price ranges for the home of your dreams and then helping you make the financing happen so we can get started on your home as soon as possible. We also make the process Easier by providing you with the best warranty in the business whenever you come to James Edward Builders.

People also like to ask us if we can do more than build custom built homes. So if you want homes for sale Lansing, then we’ve got you covered because we have move-in ready Homes at any given time, and we can also provide you with remodeling Services. We can help you with remodeling your kitchen your basement or bathrooms or decks, You Name It, We can help you remodel and we can also do additions and add ons.

Customers also frequently asked us if we have any no-brainers or incentives to get the process started or that we can offer throughout the process. The answer to that is a resounding yes because we give you a free in-house custom floor plan design with 3D rendering to everybody that comes to us for the first time, and we also offer you the best warranties as we already mentioned and we can provide you the zero money down and 100% financing. That makes the decision easy here James Edward Builders.

If you’re interested in what we can provide to you then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at 517-256-4452 or go to our website at jamesedwardbuilders.com for more information where you can also find more information about what we do, the process of building a custom home it’s a great customer testimonials as well as photos of our previously build custom homes.

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