Lansing custom home builder James Edward builders has been operating on a 20 year streak that continues presently. We continue to over always make sure there were providing the best comprehensive service as well as the best customer service. That is what we pride ourselves on mentioning that way even after 20 years were still maintaining a high level of attention to detail to show that every single person that gives us a call or actually chooses us to build their custom home knows that we have the best interest of been after at our hearts.

We also make sure that were always provided a service when it comes to building. That is my right now you can claim your free in-home floorplan design and 3-D rendering that you can actually get a visual representation of what it is you’re looking to build and how we set ourselves apart when it comes to building a custom home for you. And then of course I we want to make sure that for providing something that no other builder in Lansing Michigan can provide.

Now with Lansing custom home builder we want to ensure you that we have your best interest at heart we always make sure that we are maintaining that level of customer service throughout the entire process so from beginning to end while working out playing it out creating that custom floor plan for a with F 3-D rendering that we would make sure that our same little customer service is the exact same from that moment to the moment we finally into the keys to your very own kingdom.

So if you find yourself in a tight spot where maybe ye cannot decide what kind of builder you want to go with her immediate contacted a lot of contractors over the last few months and you just cannot make up your mind of a sitdown with a member of our team over here James Edward builders and see how Babel set ourselves apart and how we continue that 20 year streak to really be able to be the best of the best when it comes to offering a great home warranty as well as building you that dream home that you have been wanting for so long.

So what do you have to lose #if you want to really be able to achieve that castle or that dream home that you been wanting for so long and you just now been able to really I’m kind of begin the process of building a custom home then look no further than us here at James Edward builders Lansing custom home builder. We strive to make sure that with every single client that we take on were always operating at the highest level of attention to detail customer service as well as making sure that we listen and we make you the number one priority. No matter how many homes we have going on at once you will always be our top priority every single time. 517-256-4452

Lansing custom home builder | Are You Looking For Best Builder?

Lansing custom home builder James Edward builders is a top builder in your area. So if you’re in within the Lansing area or maybe just kind of outside that area and the best thing you do that actually gives are are one of our team members a call or actually thought a contact form on a website sleeping email and phone number and then some you will get hold of you that same day to be able to go over what areas we service. We may have office location in Lansing about our service area does kind of gold a bit wider than just a Lansing area. So of course when you ask yourself exactly how where you want to build there is actually and some of our land that you like and you want to be able to know if it’s available to the bill got custom home on and the best thing to do with actually getting contact with us and also I’m have like a consultation with us to see exactly what it is you’re looking for maybe you do not have a lot yet we can exit find you a lot help you know your realtor find the best lot for you.

Because we understand that location is important. Specially you want to be able to have on the safe neighbor live in a safe neighborhood with a great school as well as you know has some great uses well. Because in Michigan you had the Great Lakes and that’s always a great place be able to build around. But of course it’s only be up to you because if you have certain needs or special requirements to be able to build your custom home we would want to make sure that we’re 100% on board make sure that is possible for you and for your family.

517-256-4452 Lansing custom home builder is probably the top builder in the Lansing area. But of course do not take my word for 30 different want to be able to read our customer testimonials to see why they chose James Edward builders and why they continue to always want to tell people about their experience. Anna not so very important as always wanting to understand and always get positive feedback as well as to improve ourselves and make sure there were at you know never slipping on our customer service here because you have the client understand that the time and money that you’re spending on a custom home of your very own is a very important time as well as a very stressful time.

So here at James Edward builders will make sure that when were I’m working on your home weather be a custom home maybe we have a floorplan that you like that you want to want to go with we want to make sure they were always operating at the highest caliber of customer service as well as building service. Whenever one skipped out on everything we don’t cut corners we don’t want to cheapen anything we want to make sure that you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to your own custom home.

Lansing custom home builder that gives call see what else we have going on here right here in Lansing Michigan we always want to be able to earn your business and show you why I working with us is to be able to offer the highest value as well as the highest the amount of benefits. We’ve been in business since 2000 and we continue to strive over these last 20 years to always perfect what were doing and make sure that our customer service is top-notch. We always keep her head in the game and with every single member of our team we make sure that there always operating at their highest capacity as well as the potential.

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