Lansing Custom Home Builder has been dedicated to serving the years extremely high level of quality and service. In fact James Edward builders is known for being extremely fun professional and easy to work with. Throughout the whole process you will have a construction manager that keeps in contact with you from start to finish by what ever means you prefer, so if you want emails text or phone calls your manager will maintain healthy communication with you. That’s the common gripe or complaint when it comes to building a custom home is how stressful and difficult it can be as well as how long it can take. We started our company knowing that in order to stand out and be different we had to do things differently so that’s what we’ve done.

Our six step process at Lansing Custom Home Builder has been perfected and tailored over the last 20 years while also continuing to even more experience and expertise to offer our clients. Six step process was designed to help fast track the process of building a custom home as well as eliminate all the stress and anxiety that comes along with it. Also during the process at each step we have the ability to pay attention to the details at each level so that everything stays moving and a fluid direction and the expectations that you set are met by us every time. It is very important to us to satisfy each client at a level that they never expected.

Over the years Lansing Custom Home Builder have not only developed a process to help building a custom home easier for you and for us also build partners the banking world to help have preferred lenders to work with our clients to help those who are having trouble finding financing or to those who just don’t have financing yet. Before we get started building the first step would be to take a tour of some of the projects we have done in the past that way you can scan idea of things that you may or may not like and the way that they can look inside the home. Also for free we would do a 3-D rendering of a design you like or tailored and drawn up just for you and your family. All of our estimates and 3-D renderings are absolutely free. There’s no pressure or high stakes cells activities from anyone working at James Edward builders which is a comfort that we believe you will love.

James Edward builders is also available for your home remodeling needs and desires. If you are looking to remodel a part of your home save maybe your kitchen we would love to do that for you. We can come in and do a 3-D rendering mockup of the ideas and design that you currently have and we can put it together so that you can see exactly what that would look like in your home and how it fit. We also offer exclusive subdivisions or land for you to purchase if you may need that. We are here to help you and eliminate the stress.

So what you waiting for give us call that 517-256-4452 so we can answer any questions you may have also schedule your free consultation. Also, take advantage of our online website at, there you can see more about us and the warranties we offer as well as you can go through the photo gallery of projects we have created in the past.

Lansing Custom Home Builder

Custom Home Builder Lansing is the areas most fun and stress-less contractor to choose one looking to build a Lansing Custom Home Builder. Over 20 years ago James Edwards builders was created with one goal in mind that was to make the Lansing Custom Home Builder building process is simple and stress-free as absolutely possible. You probably heard that building a custom home or building a home in general is an extremely hard and grueling process but we believe it James Edwards builders that that does not have to be the case. In fact we believe that our six step sales process has actually created an experience that is enjoyable and stress-free but still delivers high quality craftsmanship and exceeds all expectations set during the design process.

Custom Home Builder Lansing have been building custom homes in the area for over 20 years and have risen to become one of the highest rated and reviewed homebuilder in the area by simply eliminating the stress and pain that comes with the process as well as eliminating a high-pressure sales environment. When you choose to do business with us you will receive exceptional service from start to finish. Your construction manager will develop a relationship with you and maintain communication from start to finish via call text and email or whichever medium you prefer is fine.

Six step sales process Custom Home Builder Lansing has developed has been perfected and tweaked over the last 20 years to make sure that we are keeping up with innovations and times that we are and as well as eliminating things that do not work. One of the first steps in our cells process is a free estimate and 3-D rendering that we we offer to everyone. Not everybody will offer you free free estimates or do a 3-D rendering of the design you like however, we will.

During the first that you have the opportunity to tour and visit some of the other custom homes that we have completed so that you can get an idea of some of the things that you like or don’t like and see some things that she may not have thought of before. Also during this process with all the ideas that you come up with or have from the beginning we will create put together a 3-D rendering to show you exactly design that you are looking at and exactly what will be billed for you and how will look. James Edwards builders has spent over 20 years developing relationships with awesome lenders. Our lenders are some of the best available and we love to do business with them so if you are looking for financing give us a call and if you do not have any current financing we can help you accomplish this.

So what are you waiting for give us a call today at 517-256-4452 and give us an opportunity to answer any questions you may have as well as to the more about our six step sales process for, you can visit us online at and there you will be able to take a view at some of the hundreds of pictures that we have from past projects and read more about our warranties and other products.

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