If you’re looking for a high quality Lansing custom home builder that you can allowed to provide you with only quality but also a company that has a better process from start to finish on the design and implementation, then look at what James Edward Builders Inc. does right here in your neck of the woods. Here at James Edward Builders Inc., we are a custom homebuilder that also does remodeling work but most importantly we are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder in Lansing today. We build custom homes the ground up, and we have an owner that has over 25 years of experience putting construction services well over two decades ago. That means for over 20 years we had been providing high-quality customer we our design process into something simple and stress-free that typically find elsewhere.

And when you’re searching for a high quality Lansing custom home builder, you look at several aspects with a James Edward Builders Inc. we are the highest and most reviewed which means it typically overall we do better the design building customer service in every aspect better than everybody else but what we want to look at specifically right now is value. James Edward Builders Inc., we still you’re getting the best value of any of the area build a home with us here in Lansing, Michigan. As company, high quality craftsmanship from experience peccable to make sure you get a beautifully well constructed how provide better prices than the average custom-built home. Were make sure that our homes an incredible value to our homebuilders and not only do we do that by looking at we also try to make sure provide better incentives than anybody else as well.

One of the way that we do that as the top Lansing custom home builder with the best warranty. We have an incredible warranty on our homes the back them up for an extended period of time so that you get help you need it for some reason you should find fault with your home in certain areas. We are quick responsive to our warranty claims, and you want the best about help with James Edward Builders Inc. fact that we also don’t require any maintenance as well.

And we have a more conversely at James Edward Builders Inc. because we will also provide you in-house for plan design. We use the latest major design your home of what your home look like solution give a look at it before we ever commit to it. And when they come with also free as well. In fact the entire process of building with James Edward Builders Inc. is free up until we provide you with the purchase

So if you’re interested in what you here at James Edward Builders Inc. hesitate to check out more information about us, customer testimonials and even photo galleries on our website at jamesedwardbuilders.com, and whenever you start the process, then make sure you give us a call as soon as possible at 517-256-4452.

Were You Aware That You Can Hire A Great Lansing Custom Home Builder?


Decided that you want to build small. Lansing, Michigan the best Lansing custom home builder, and you found James Edward Builders Inc. yet, then you hit the jackpot. This because James Edward Builders Inc. is the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder here in the Lansing area and the surrounding communities. We have existing communities in which you can build your custom home, or we can you build your on your own land. If you want to make sure that you’re getting into the best every custom home here, then reach out to us here James Edward Builders Inc. to get the process started. The kick of the process here and take the first step to owning your very own dream home Lansing, the call us first at 517-256-4452.

What you call us as your first choice for a Lansing custom home builder, we can set you up with a model home tour. Our model home tour is free and is the first that in six steps that it takes to get you into your very own Edward custom-built home. We set you up with a model home tour for free at your convenience, and you can look at our model homes that we have built specifically for you to come check out the layouts that we offer, the designs that we can do, and some of the design decisions that you want to make for your own home. That is can be the first step that you should take to ensure that you are starting the process with James Edward Builders Inc. for high quality beautiful impeccably designed home here in Lansing that is going to provide you with generations of beautiful memories and comfort.

And then from there we can the other five steps. Once you have chosen us as your Lansing custom home builder, and we been the model home tour, then we can focus on evaluating your budget and getting the financing set. That’s step two and then step three we can be one of the home site acquisition. As we’ve already mentioned, you can utilize a plot in one of our existing James Edward Builders Inc. communities, or you can build on your own land. We do have restrictions and a particular service area in Lansing that we are restricted to, but we do have the freedom to find built on land that is not already on one of our own lots.

And in the last of the process involves provide you with the purchase agreement, and by the way, up to this point, the entire process is free. Once we have agreed and you signed a purchase agreement, then we can building a home. This is probably the most exciting part of the process up to the moment that is finished in a step six whenever you move in.

So if you want that first step to this simple and easy process that we have created here and you want the model home tour, that is give us call to set that up anytime at 517-256-4452 and if you want to check out the website first first more information or photo galleries of our homes in the past, check us out at jamesedwardbuilders.com.

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