When it comes time to find the Lansing Home Builders that can be right for you, you want to make sure that you’re going with somebody’s got your best interest in mind the product high-quality service and value in mind. That’s we should have a look here at James Edward Builders Inc. if you’re in the Lansing area or to live in the Lansing area. This because James Edward Builders Inc. is the highest most reviewed the companies here in the Lansing area not only do we build homes, so we build the finest custom-built homes that are going to stay in your family and your life is decades and hopefully generations as a result of high quality construction and impeccable design that will only looks great but also is extremely functional for you. People come to us here at James Edward Builders Inc. that’s because the most well reviewed and because we bill high-quality houses but because we feel that our process has been simplified and designed to be relatively stress-free when compared other companies.

So if you want to make sure that when considering Lansing Home Builders going with a company that really the only takes the end result mind that the entire process from start to finish of designing and home and including customer service throughout, then you keep this in mind. That’s one of the major reasons people come to us. Of course most important and results is can be the house, but we want to make sure that in an effort to give you a better experience better customer service who want to make sure that our process is better and so we broken our process down to six steps to help make it more manageable and simplify it as much as we possibly can.

So we’ve narrowed it down to a few Lansing Home Builders, and you think you want to go with James Edward Builders Inc., then just give us a call, we can set you up with a home tour. Our model home tour is the first step in our process, and he could to our model homes to see what kind of things you like what you don’t like to get an idea of the layouts that we have. Then we can move on to evaluating your budget and getting the financing in order in step two. Step three would involve the home site acquisition. We have communities that you can build your home and already on our own lots, or you can build it on your own land. Was that squared away, then we can provide a purchase agreement and was that signed and squared away, in step five would be built in the home itself. This is probably the most exciting phase for most people, but maybe also the longest. But then step six, that’s our favorite part because you get to move in.

To make sure that you taking all this into account whenever you’re looking at home builders here in the Lansing area. We were started over two decades ago, and we have over 20 years of experience now we can help you find the design home of your dreams so make sure that you take advantage of our no-brainers of the best warranties around, zero money down a 100% financing and take advantage of the entirely free process up to the moment you sign your purchase agreement.

If you’re interested in any of the advantages that we provide here at James Edward Builders Inc., the know hesitate to reach out to us at 517-256-4452 and set up your model home tour, we can go to the website for more information if you’d like anytime at jamesedwardbuilders.com.

Where Are The Best Lansing Home Builders At?


If you are trying to narrow down Lansing Home Builders that you want to build your next remote, the make she get touch with James Edward Builders Inc. here in Lansing area. We can be the highest and most reviewed homebuilder here in the area, and we been building homes for over two decades. Were also owned and operated by Amanda has over 25 years of experience in home design and construction, James Gottschalk. People come to us and people have made is the highest and most reviewed because they know that we provide high quality beautiful homes that are not only well constructed but impeccably designed, and they know that whenever they come to us, they’re getting a better process than the competition. If you think the homebuying is difficult especially whenever it comes to custom building home and you want a better processing come to us because our process is more simple, and less stressful and you may think it is or that you have seen with other companies.

That’s what sets us apart here James Edward Builders Inc., us whenever you’re trying to narrow down Lansing Home Builders they give us call because were to build to show you exactly how our process works for you to build do for you and how we try to make it different than everybody else. We break down to a six step process to bring down into manageable chunks so we can take it one step at a time without ever overwhelming you including more stress than is our inherent in the process of building a buying a new home for most people. Were to build break down the six steps to begin with a model home tour. You can take a model home tour for free that we can help evaluate your budget and get the financing order and then in the one step through the home site acquisition. That we provide you the purchase agreement in step four, then in the next step we move on to building a home and then in step six you can move in.

That’s really all there is to whenever you come to us as yourLansing Home Builders of choice. And forgive the entire process is free up until the moment you sign your purchase agreement and you get a free in-house custom for plan design with 3-D rendering. All this entirely free up until the moment you agree by the home. To take advantage of our free 3-D software and design process of the can see your home and full 3-D rendering on the latest the software so that you can get an idea of exactly what you homes going to look like before you commit to it.

Also keep in mind that here at James Edward Builders Inc., we also not only provide you with high quality custom-built homes we also do any and all types of remodeling if you think you already your dream home in a just needs a little bit of a facelift. Also whenever you come to us to give in fact we have the best warranties out there and you’re also going to spend zero money down to get 100% financing well.

Keep in mind the next time that you are shopping for a new home, and you’re looking for the right home builder and get in touch whenever you’re ready to find out more information by calling us at 517-256-4452 and in the meantime you can also go to the website at your convenience we can find them with a great information including customer testimonials and helpful picture galleries at jamesedwardbuilders.com.

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