For some incredible incentives she’s Lansing home builders by the name of James Edward builders Incorporated. On our website you will find a tab that says find your home and you can look at the communities as well as a parade of homes of what we’ve been able to accomplish in this Latin in these past 20 years. 517-256-4452 Also on her website you will find hope the homebuyers corner the tablets has gallery as well as the about us page to learn more about the business and our owner and founder.

Lansing home builders. 517-256-4452 Some of our communities include ones that you can actually build on your own land and if you actually want to build on your land on our custom homes in our building process actually usually starts in the hundred and 50,000 range and then the square footage range is about 1200 ft.² and for more info you actually find that on the website you just click the red button that says more info below the build on your own land. And then also we can do country farm estates and that’s where we have some property and if you like the area that is can be starting in the about the range of 270,000 with the square footage range of somewhere between 1650 ft.² to about 2800 ft.². Now we also have another location or another community called hilltop condominiums and again fees range from 270,000 and then the square foot range is from anywhere between 1400 ft.² to 2400 ft.².

The next community we have available to where you can build on our land is it’s called River walk Meadows Mason and these start in the range of price at 290,000 and up and the square footage for these homes in this particular area is 1770 ft.² to about 3000 ft.². And then last but not least we have the with the Weber reef area and this is starting in the low 200,000s and the square footage range of these homes in this location is 1770 ft.² to 3000 ft.².

Now if you want additional information you can find more info on our website on each of these. Each click the red button that says more info and then will take you to that certain community and you can get additional information as well as an additional details about you know what were how works building this community versus another or on also you know what is included not square footage and how we can design it to meet your particular needs.

Now with Lansing home builders we pride ourselves and always dedicating ourselves to the highest quality of customer care so that when we have a client calls and whether or not you and maybe worked with us in the past and you’re actually looking to build another home whenever committees or perhaps you’re looking to build on your own land we can you know work with you on that in any area or any of our communities that we have available. 517-256-4452

Lansing home builders | Are You Looking To Make Your Next Move?

Make your next move especially if you’ve been in the process and maybe just built know doing visual dreams or maybe you haven’t been in place for you have been able to forthright and actually now making the move to build your own custom home for you and your spouse are you or you and your family but here at Lansing home builders we are ready and we’re willing to meet with you and also give you a free in-home floorplan design with three 3-D rendering. 517-256-4452

Now with Lansing home builders James Edward builders we continue to top ourselves with every single build of course we we have been in business since 2000 and for these past 20 years were continuing to improve. I mean we would want make sure that we not never leave a stone unturned especially when it comes to you know working hard for you is the client. We never went to never skip out on service we also want to make sure that we never cut any corners we would make sure that the entire process from beginning to end when we give that 3-D rendering any say yes we want to we want to build with you all the way to the end were were handing the keys to your varying custom home we want to make that a seamless as possible we want to have an efficient process where you can have open communication with us as the builder to make sure that even when you’re going about your day you know and you trust back here we are doing exactly what you asked us to do making sure that were never going over budget and making sure that we are not cutting any corners.

So whether or not you have a beer budget or you have champagne budget we want to be very realistic when it comes to getting an estimate and providing a consultation to make sure that when we sit down we know exactly with your budget what you can afford on and when you build on your own way and you can actually save money that way versus you know bending money building on one of our property are one of our lots. So unit we can also help you find your own lot or your own piece of land of reaction when it build. And we want to be able to and really extend the customer service and helping you find the best place for you to be able to build your custom home.

Lansing home builders. 517-256-4452 James Edward builders continues to go above and beyond for every single customer every single client that we build a custom home port even if you’re still not sure if you want to choose as for somebody else we will always make sure that we’re providing the best customer service from the moment you take in Vantage and claim your free in-home design plan with 3-D floorplan with 3-D rendering. So we want to give this to you as an option so that you can actually see if we are the best fit for you and if you are the best fit for us.

We never want to make you feel pressure to choose as that is finally offering were offering this free floorplan design for free. That way you double this will give you a chance to decide kind of build out and put those ideas into a 3-D rendering say can see exactly what it would look like and you know see for yourself whether or not on exactly what you want to do.

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