Lansing Home Builders is your place to visit when looking to build a custom home or remodel in the area. There are many builders to choose from when it comes to looking for a Custom Home Builder or remodel however our company was founded on the idea of doing things different so that we can stand out. One of the things that we did was develop the six step process that we involve you the client in every step of the way. We understand that while you are the one that is purchasing and buying the new home that you become the boss and your wants and desires are all that matter. High quality craftsmanship help you trust and believe that you are getting the best.

Lansing Home Builders loves working with new clients. Often times clients believe that the process is going to be what they’ve heard is the most grueling stressful and un-fun time of their life. James Edward builders is here to change that stigma and have been working for over 20 years to do so. Over this time we have built hundreds of homes for hundreds of people and have been able to rise to one of the areas highest rated and reviewed custom home builder in the area, and we want to show you how. The process allows you to talk directly with the construction manager and designers to help pinpoint the details and exactly what it is you desire to have in your home.

Lansing Home Builders process is not completely unique however the people that we employ in the teens have built are absolutely one-of-a-kind. Our teams are full of high quality craftsmen and have high moral character that believe in having integrity and pride in everything that they do not only for the client before themselves as well. We believe that this is fundamentally important to have people that have pride in their work not only for themselves before the client so that when nobody’s looking you can trust and believe that they’re still doing what is right because that is what is in them and who they are.

Building a custom home can be extremely fun and we want to show you how. One of the first steps that we have in our process is touring other properties completed so that you can see what things look that you may not have previously considered. Dana tour we will help you maximize your budget and never exceed your budget. We understand that your budget is extremely important to you and it’s not something that can do slide around for no reason. We have spent over 20 years figuring out ways to help excite you and elevate looks and designs on any budget.

Give us a call today at 517-256-4452 so that you can ask any questions that she may have concerning your next custom home. Also you can visit us online at and while there you can take a look at any of the previous projects that we have completed as well as read more about the warranties that we have to offer. While online chopper contact information so one of our project construction managers can get a hold of you and introduce ourselves to you.

Lansing Home Builders

Lansing Home Builders’s believes our process will eliminate all the stress that comes along with building a custom home or remodel. There are tons of reasons why people say that the process is stressful and extremely on enjoyable but our goal is to change the stigma and believe we have done a great job of doing so. Over 20 years we have spent time developing a six step process that helps everyone stay on task and exceed desires and expectations set by recliner. Exceeding expectations of our client is something we take very serious as argumentation is a direct reflection of the satisfaction of our clients.

Lansing Home Builders’s is and has become one of the highest rated and reviewed custom home builders in the area one reason eliminating the stress of building a custom home. When choosing to do business with James Edward builders know that you are in charge. You are not buying a house from us, we are building a home for you. So know that during the design process and throughout each step we will maintain clear communication with you the client as we move from one phase to the next making sure that we have exceeded and maintained all expectations they use it for us. One of our construction managers will reach out to you and introduce themselves so that you know who to contact during the process and your construction manager will maintain clear communication via phone calls and text or emails whichever you prefer during the entire process so that you’re constantly staying in the loop and know exactly what’s going on.

Lansing Home Builders was opened over 20 years ago and has had the opportunity of serving the community at an extremely high level of service. We understand that when opening the company the job was not to build homes but to change the stigma which is that it’s not fun and is stressful. Our process has been perfected over the 20 years to make sure that we can provide you a stress-free experience and believe that our ratings and reviews help prove that accomplishment.

There are so many options and features to choose from when it comes to building a new home. Often times there are things that you may never think. We have experts that work for us and have been building with us for years. During the first step of our process you have the opportunity to sit down with one of our designers as well as walk through some of the previous projects we have done. Our designers will create a 3-D rendering of your home so that you can see exactly what it is that your are going to be getting into and how will look. During this time you will have opportunity to see things which you may not have seen before or the ability to change things that turn out not the way that you have imagined.

Give James Edward builder call today so that we can get started working for you now. Call us with any questions you may have less opportunity to help you. You can also visit us online to read more about us in the warranties that we provide as well as take a look at over 300 photos of the previous projects that we have completed.

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