Top Custom Home Builder Lansing understands that and was founded on the belief that the process of building a home especially a custom home can be extremely difficult time consuming and stressful. Our goal at James Edwards builders was to eliminate the stress of the process and make it seamless and easy through our proven six step process. With integrity and pride, we have become one of the areas highest rated and reviewed Custom Home Builder Lansing with years of experience and perfecting our craft and process.

Top Custom Home Builder Lansing is a company you trust to have upfront pricing, fast response time, a very efficient perfected process and has one of the best new home warranties in the industry. James Edwards builders offers such an amazing warranty because we believe in the work that we do. We always go out of our way to do the best we can and avoid cutting any corners or taking any shortcuts. We use the best quality materials send high craftsmanship to complete each job at a high level of attention to detail to maintain and live up to all expectations set by you. Our goal is to make your desires and dreams come true while minimizing the level of stress that is common with the process of building a custom home.

The six step process top Custom Home Builder Lansing is a process that has been perfected over the last 20 years since we have been in business. One of the first steps in the process is designed which is one of our favorite parts. Some of the exciting things that come along with the design process is the ability to take a tour of other custom homes that we have built as well as free 3-D renderings of a design that you choose with the opportunity to line up the fine details. There is no obligation to pay until you sign an agreement to build so all estimates and 3-D renderings are absolutely free. This is an incredible value to you as the customer. While we are in the design process we will take the opportunity to see where we can maximize your budget so that we can get you more for your money then you thought was possible. We want to help you maximize the budget you have, not extend your budget to make other things possible.

James Edward builders can do many other things such as remodeling kitchens or maybe you want your basement that you haven’t stepped in years and is packed full stuff remodeled in two a new living space or a couple of bedrooms. Also we love to build new decks and things similar to that to help add value to not only what we can do to your property. James Edward builders has exclusive subdivisions for you to look at if you are not currently looking to build but just purchase that as an option as well. If you have land that you want us to build on that is perfectly fine for there is land that we have for sale to help finding land easier for you and other clients.

There are financing options available as we have preferred lenders that we have worked with for years that often times will give our clients great deals and awesome rates. Give us a call today at 517-256-4452 so that we can help answer any questions or comments that you may have as well as visit us online at and take advantage of the opportunity to view some of the pictures of past projects, and while you are there read more about us and drop your information for your three the rendering for free.

Top Custom Home Builder Lansing

Top Custom Home Builder Lansing is the best Custom Home Builder Lansing in the area for you to choose. We believe where the best not only because of the ratings and reviews but the fact that a company was founded on some very key principles that we believe are very important to the process of building a custom home. Building a custom home can be extremely stressful and time-consuming with tons of small details and problems around every corner. When choosing to do business with James Edward builders you can trust that with over 20 years of experience in our proven process we have taken the steps to eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes along with the building process.

Top Custom Home Builder Lansing 3-D renderings and estimates to their clients with no obligation to build with us. Often times in order to get an estimate or a 3-D rendering of the project you’ve designed contractor will charge you again one either suck you into sticking the estimate or they won’t do it at all without a commitment because the risk of spending the time and making no money. This is not a worry of James Edward builders because we understand and are committed to just providing exceptional service at a low stress and are step process has been perfected over the last 20 years so that we can accomplish our goal of making the custom home building process and enjoyable process instead of one that everybody hates and runs from.

Top Custom Home Builder Lansing has only high quality craftsmanship and hires quality people to ensure that each project is done with high integrity and an extreme level of attention to detail so that we can maintain and live up to the expectations and standards set by you during the design process. During the first step you have an opportunity to view tool other custom homes that have been built by us to help you get ideas and see how certain layouts look. Also the free 3-D rendering an estimate will allow you to tweak and turn and choose different things that fit your individual desires and needs and the ability to see what those things will look like.

James Edward builders has been building custom homes for over 20 years. Over the years we have become one of the best and most recognized not only for custom homes but also our remodeling that we have done for clients. We love to remodeled kitchen even build decks. If you’re not looking to build a custom home that is fine as well because we have some exclusive subdivisions with amazing layouts and awesome designs that you can also choose to buy. Whether you have land or looking for land that is also something that James Edwards builders can help you with loved so.

So what are you waiting for you have been thinking about building a new home do not wait to give us a call today so that we can have a conversation started showing you what that would look like. All estimates are pretty renderings are free, so what you have to lose. Call us now at 517-256-4452 and give us and to answer any questions it is that you may have about the Custom Home Builder Lansing process as well as take the opportunity to visit us online at On our website you can see more about us and the warranties we have to offer as well as see hundreds of photos of previous projects we have completed.

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