If you want the top custom home builder Lansing has to offer than that is hands-down what we can do here at James Edward Builders builders. Here we the highest and most reviewed custom home builder throughout Michigan and we can build custom homes that are truly custom built from the ground up and at the same time we can also offer Premier remodeling Services as well for anything in your home. So if you’re one of those people that thinks home buying is a difficult process that make sure you come and see us here because we feel that the process is simple and stress-free and we have designed it to be that way with us. as thehome builder Lansing has to offer we will guide you through the process from start to finish to make it as easy and stress-free on you as possible and we do all the rest.

So as the top custom home builder Lansing, hear James Edward Builders Builders we will provide you with the custom home of your dreams in six simple steps. We do this by starting with touring our home so you can get ideas of the lamp that you like and discuss the design options that you want. After that we move on to evaluating your budget to see what we have to work with and what we can do to get you the home of your dream. The third step would be the home side acquisition which means we’ll be on our own land in our existing communities or on your own land if you have somewhere else in mind. From there we move on to the price had to find out exactly what it’s going to cost for your home down to the dollar and provide you with a purchase agreement. From there we begin the building process and then step 6 is moving in!

Keep in mind that we can also do remodeling services for you for kitchens, bathrooms, basement Etc. This company was started 25 years ago by James got shocked and he created this company to help you find and design home of your dreams. And it’s as simple as that. Build with us here and was in our communities that have other beautifully designed homes or find your own spot that you really love elsewhere thats within our building radius. Top Custom Home Builder Lansing will be with us

Also some of the other things that make us the top home builder is the fact that we offer better and sinners than anybody else. First of all you can get a free and house custom floor plan design with a whole entire 3D rendering for free from us to start out. This way you can see exactly what your dream home might look like before we ever even start construction or ever even start the process. We also offer the best warranties in the business here at James Edward Builders.

If you want to work with the top home builder, and the top custom home builder in Lansing, Michigan to make sure you get touch with my calling is a 517-256-4452 or go over directly to our website jamesedwardbuilders.com we can find more information including some fantastic photo galleries of the homes that we’ve built in the past.

Top Custom Home Builder Lansing | Take Advantage Of Our Easy Unique Process.

If you’re seeking out the top custom home builder Lansing has to offer then your only choice really is James Edward Builderss Builders. This is not because we are the only home builder, but we are the best hands down whenever it comes to giving you a truly custom built home experience. We are already the highest and most reviewed custom home builder in Lansing and we build custom home from the ground up or the same time if you already live in your dream home, we can do remodeling services for you if it needs an upgrade or a few tweaks. What’s really special and unique about James Edward Builders Builders is it we have designed our entire process to be simple and stress-free. Some people think that the home-buying process is difficult but here at James Edward Builderss we try to make sure that it is fun and hassle-free.

Here at our top custom home builder Lansing office we will show you that we can build the home of your dreams that is truly custom built. We Do this by breaking it down and the six simple steps. The first step would be to tour our existing homes so you can see what exactly had to offer, the ideas that you like as far as layouts and then figuring out your own design choices and discussing those options. Step to evaluating a budget to see what kind of price range you’re in and what kind of home we are going to be able to provide you his terms of financing. then we move on to step 3 which is the actual Homesite acquisition. This can be existing lot in our own communities, or it can be elsewhere if you have ideas are you already own land somewhere else. We can build in other places within our building radius. Then we move onto the price out in the purchase agreement where we price out your home down to the dollar and then we sign a contract. Step I would be building the house itself and then step four is simply moving in to your new home.

So if you’re out there considering who the top custom home builder Lansing is, then there’s no mistake that you need to come to James Edward Builderss Builders because it was started by James gottschalk who has over 25 years of experience in home design and home construction and we can help you truly achieve the home of your dreams in an individualized home that you won’t find anywhere else.

Also remember that we have some great no-brainers here in the form of a free in-house custom floor plan design with 3D rendering that is actually new charged you, and we also offer the best warranties the business secure James Edward Builders.

These are a few of the reasons why we are the top custom home builder in Lansing and throughout Michigan, and if you have any interest in building your dream home with us then go ahead and give us a call as soon as possible at 517-256-4452 or go to our website at jamesedwardbuilders.com where you can get more information and look at some great photographs of our previous builds and also request your free custom floor plan design.

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