If you live in Lansing, Michigan and you want to find the Top Custom Home Builder Lansing, then come and talk to us here James Edward Builders Inc. Here James Edward Builders Inc., are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder. Actually James Edward Builders Inc. can probably stand toe to toe in any aspect any of the custom homebuilder here to the state of Michigan as well. Started over 20 years ago by James got shot with as part and he has over 25 years of experience and home construction provide company that could provide a better experience and came the design process of a custom-built home. He sought to many people at the other custom home building companies that seem to having stressful to complicated and the customers were getting overwhelmed. You want to create a company that can provide incredibly quality customer service as stress-free.

Now, not only can you come to the Top Custom Home Builder Lansing has offer here, but you’re also coming to a company that really cares about your experience. Personally are we can make sure that we focus on providing you with a are quality design experience from start to finish anybody better value, but were also can make sure you’re getting highest quality house available here in Michigan to. We are committed to provide you high quality homes that are built using high quality materials, will by experienced crews that have the years in some cases decades of experience and led by Amanda has over 25 years of experience in the industry himself. Top of that they are also utilizing impeccable design so that not only do they look and feel great but they also incredibly functional because we have a keen eye for design.

We are the Top Custom Home Builder Lansing provides, and if you want to make sure that you’re coming to a company make a great home as a result of a better process that we’ve been able to break down into simple steps to make it more manageable process to come and talk to us. We can build to provide you with the first step to get ideas for your layout your product that you want to use and design that you want to implement. Thene we can evaluate your budget as you are find out what kind of financing we need to prepare for. Once the financing is squared away that we can focus on the home site acquisition. We can provide you land provided the communities we can build on your own land. Was that squared away that we can focus on building a home for you in the last step is simply moving in.

This provide higher quality process than anybody else out there, and you’re also getting a free in-house custom for planned design by us utilizing the latest we commit at no extra charge. He also get the best warranties out there and zero money down required for your home.

So this is the kind of custom home building experience that you want, get touch with us as soon as possible at 517-256-4452 and if you want to go to the website the meantime the know hesitate to visit us at our website anytime at jamesedwardbuilders.com.

Are You In Need Of The Top Custom Home Builder Lansing Has To Offer?


If you are looking for the Top Custom Home Builder Lansing then you want now for James Edward Builders Inc. If you ever heard of James Edward Builders Inc., then we would let you know a little about us. First of all we are the highest and most reviewed custom homebuilder here throughout the Lansing area. If you want a custom-built home of the highest quality with a better process Lansing community or the surrounding areas, the make she get touch with us because we have over two decades of experience building high quality homes. We are owned and operated and led by man who has over 25 years himself in the industry, James Gottschalk.

What makes us different here is James Edward Builders Inc. and how we stand up to the competition as the Top Custom Home Builder Lansing and what has made us successful is the fact that not only do we of course provide you with a higher quality house Michigan but the fact that we focus on a better process than anybody else out there as well. We saw need for company that can provide a better, less complicated and less stressful process for the home. Here James Edward Builders Inc., who want to make sure that we can break it down into a better more stress-free process the cash to be enjoyable and we have produce six steps overall that are going to produce the house of your dreams for you.

First of all you to us as the Top Custom Home Builder Lansing the first step of our process which is absently free, our model home tour. Here you get ideas about the kind of layout you want the kind of products you want to utilize in the design that you would like to implement on your own home. And then we evaluate your budget and set the financing. Financing is all squared away, then we can concentrate on the homes acquisition. Now during this portion, we also distinguish ourselves sure that we offer you your own land in addition to any kind of laws that we may have in our existing communities.

And then the last few steps of the purchase agreement, and once we provide you with the purchase agreement that you love, you can sign, and that we move on to building your home in step five and then once the construction complete removal and step six moving that’s our favorite part and we expected that will be your favorite part as well. Also keep in mind that in order to further distinguish ourselves and be the best out there we offer you the best warranty in the business, and zero money down your home in the entire process is free with a better when you sign your purchase agreement which even involves a free in-house custom 3-D rendering.

If you’re interested in the James Edward Builders Inc. and the high quality homes that we produce, the know hesitate to give us call at 517-256-4452 and to find out more first, then take the time to utilize our website at jamesedwardbuilders.com we can find lots of other great information resources for homebuyers and builders at any time.

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