Should you build yourself, or should you call top custom home builder Lansing has to offer? James Edward Builders is a trusted name the custom home building industry. We have been around since 2000 offering an efficient process as well as quality homes every time. So should you do yourself, or should you call us? We think you should call us for many reasons including all the different services and options we offer, the quality of our options, as well as our outstanding customer service.

The most important reason why you should call us here at James Edward Builders is that we know exactly what were doing. We have been doing this since 2000 sort teams and experts are well-versed in every aspect of home-building. We also offer a multitude of options. We can build a custom house for you according to your plans made elsewhere, or you can choose from our preselect plans, which also have options. You can choose paintcolor, countertops, flooring, light fixtures and more. In addition these options, we also location opsin options. We can build your plan or a premade plan on your land, or we also have many exclusive subdivisions available as well. So, especially for first-time homebuyers, we offer so many options that make it super easy for anyone looking to buy a house.

Another reason why you should call us as we are the top custom home builder Lansing house, is because we do everything with quality. Don’t let our multitude of options fool you into thinking that’s all we have to offer is is option on selecting a home. Despite having many many options, we also built each home of quality. We only use the highest quality materials, and we will never shortcut your job with material or craftsmanship in order to make a buck. We also make sure to double check our work and have them checked according to the regulations and quality that we require in our company.

Another very important reason why should call us instead of doing yourself is because of our outstanding customer service. Our business exists for the sole purpose of serving our customers. That is, building the home you want and need. There is also why we are extremely communicative because we want to make sure our customers know that we know that we not only care about them, but we care but the work we’re doing for them. This is why we are also straight up with our customers. We give them an estimate and pricing upfront, so there are no hidden fees or mysterious expenses. We even offer the best new home warranty. We care about our customers.

So, James Edward Builders is the top custom home builder Lansing has for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are for all of our services and options that we offer, the amount of quality we bring to each and every one of these options, as well as our incredible customer service. We love to bring joy to families by giving them a beautiful high-quality house as a space for them to grow together. So call us today at 517-256-4452 or reach out to us online at!

Where Can You Find The Top Custom Home Builder Lansing?

As a top custom home builder Lansing house, you might be wondering, what are all the services that we offer? Well, we offer many different services in many different ways. James Edward Builders is one of the most trusted names in the custom home building industry. We have an efficient process, and we build quality homes. So, as a custom home builder, what are some of the services that we do offer?

Services we offer can be related to all the options that we offer our customers. For example, we can your custom build your house according to plan that you have brought to us, or you can choose one of our plans that we have made. We offer premade layouts because we know sometimes our customers are first-time buyers, and they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for in a home. So this premade layout makes it easy for them not only to pick out a layout, but to see the value in different layouts. Another option we offer is that we can build on your own land, or we can build in one of our exclusive subdivisions. Even if you choose one of our premade plans, there is also a lot of customization available. For example, you choose paint, countertops, flooring, and more. Even though it is a premade layout, it is not a cookie-cutter home.

Another service we offer is actually a list of steps for first-time homebuyers. We understand the buying home for the first time to meet doesn’t thing as well as confusing and complicated. As the top custom home builder Lansing has, we want to make it super easy for everyone involved in the home buying process. For this reason, we offer a step-by-step list for first-time buyers to follow. It follows six easy steps that are broken down and explain. The first step is always the most crucial, and it is touring some of our homes in discussing layout ideas. This is crucial because, especially if you’re sure we you want, it is a way to see examples firsthand and discuss features with a representative. The steps continue to talking about budget, location, purchasing, and go all the way to building and moving in.

In addition to all the building services and options that we offer, we also offer the best customer service. Our business solely exists for the purpose of serving our customers. That is why we take such pride in creating a space for people to feel safe, comfortable, as well as a space to grow. Is also why we make everything super easy from contacting us, the steps required to move for, as well as the actual building of the of the home. We are always straightforward our customers because we want them to know that they can trust us, and trust our work. We value your time in business, so we will never waste it. That is also why are project managers guide our customers along the way.

So are you still wondering what services the top custom home builder Lansing offers? Well, James Edward Builders is at the top because all the building services and options we give, the guidelines and guiding of first-time homebuyers through the process, as well as our astounding customer service. Don’t take our word for it, though! Call us today at 517-256-4452 reach out to us online at!

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