Custom Home Builder Lansing | have you ever thought of building?

Have you ever thought of building? Whether you are a owner right now or looking to be an owner, we can help you. James Edward Builders inc. Offers you the opportunity to build on your own land, where to purchase land inside one of our real estate additions such as Country Farm estates, Hilltop condominiums, or Riverwalk Meadows Mason to name just a few. For the first in Custom home builder Lansing Michigan call James Edward builders.

James Edward Builders have 25 years experience and custom home builder Lansing. Do you think Home and Design is too stressful for you? It’s our goal to make your home building experience a positive one. Still dreaming of that perfect home? not sure how to proceed? We can assist you in that. We want to be with you from start to finish. That means we can help you with the acquisition of land, the process of Designing a dream home with all the features you want, and the building of your dream home no matter what the design or lot size you want. We believe we can make it happen.

Still wondering if dreams come true with regards to that perfect home you’ve been dreaming of? Have you ever thought about building your own home and then decided the process was not only too stressful but just too overwhelming? most people only have one Dream Home in mind. I mean after all what person dreams of more than one Prince or princess to marry or more than one Castle to own? Let us make that one Dream Home a reality for you! we have highly experienced project managers to help guide you the entire way through the experience. That’s our goal to live up to and surpass your expectations and custom home builder Lansing.

At James Edward builders you’ll find that we share a passion and building dream homes for our clients. a majority of the homes that we build come through referrals from previous clients. This should tell you that it’s definitely our goal to not only exceed expectations but to help you create a positive experience so you’ll pass the word on and we will gain even more customer referrals. without our previous clients, we have no future business. Visit our website to view testimonials from people such as Mary, Donna, and Randall. see what they had to say about their custom built homes.

We have three newly built homes available on Parade of Homes specifically by James Edward builders. The first is in Webberville Michigan, II and Lance Bergin the 3rd and Mason. If you’d like to see more or do a virtual walkthrough of our Parade of Homes, please visit our website at or feel free to give us a call at 517- 256- 4452. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about having your dream home built by James Edward Builders today.

Custom Home Builder Lansing | are you looking for a new home?

Are you looking for a new home? Do you have a floor plan in mind? Would you like to design your own floor plan? At James Edward builders we can help you with custom home builder lansing. whether you’re looking for your first home or looking to build your dream home, we’re here for you. Visit our parade homes in Webberville, Landsberg, or Mason Michigan.

We have her parade homes for you to walk through so that you get a proper idea of what we have to offer you. Custom home builder Lansing through James Edward builders ink average you the opportunity to walk through parade homes physically or virtually. If you’d like to walk through our properties of virtually please visit our website. Online you’ll find digital photos of real James Edward Builders homes. View some of the kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even exteriors of some of the homes that we have built for parade homes.

We would love to assist you from start to finish to building that dream home you’ve been wanting forever. Let us make your dream a reality. Will be happy to tour some of our homes with you and discuss your layout options and floor plans. we can even help evaluate your budget if you need that kind of assistance. We can visit home sites I’m custom design and build for those particular locations. we can help you with financing and once that’s completed we can begin the building process. You may think that service stops here but we are here to exceed expectations which means once your home is complete you have a warranty period. During this warranty. Do you have access to a department specifically designed for that warranty. we want your overall home builders experience with James Edward builders and custom home builder Lansing to be a positive one.

Most of our customer base comes from referrals. The more impressed you are the more referrals we get. Visit our website today to view testimonials from Mary, Donna, and Randall to name just a few they have something to say about the services we provided them at James Edward Builders Incorporated. Still not convinced? We have exclusive subdivisions that might change your mind. Feel free to visit Country Farm estates in Landsberg, Hilltop Condominiums, Riverwalk Meadows in Mason, or Withey in Webberville. you’ll find something you like.

We have 25 years experience and Home Design and in construction. no matter what you’ve been dreaming, what you’ve seen before, or Style or lot size, we can design and construct you’re home and make it a reality. Give us a chance to impress you and make you are home building experience a positive one. Our web site is or you can give us a call at 517- 256- 4452. we look forward to hearing from you and helping you design your dream home today.

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