Custom Home Builder Lansing | are you a current home owner looking to upgrade?

Are you a current homeowner but looking to upgrade? Other things in your home right now so you can do without? Or are there things missing and your current home so you’ve always wanted in that dream home? Everyone has a picture of that perfect, ideal home. Maybe yours has a wrap around porch put a porch swing at the end of it and more of a yard to enjoy the outdoors. Or maybe you want to go from a one-story to a two story so that the main part of your house is your public area and your upstairs is more of the private family area. We can help you with that at James Edward builders Inc., custom home builder Lansing.

At James Edward Builders Incorporated we have 25 years experience in home design and construction. We have several parade homes for your viewing pleasure. We’d be happy to physically walk through these parade homes with you or you’re welcome to walk through them digitally by viewing pictures on our website. No matter the design that you’re dreaming of whether larger and an upgrade or smaller and a downsize, we can help you with that. We can assist you with land acquisition, financing, designing and building your home, and even offering a home warranty complete with a warranty department.

Most of our customer base comes from referrals. We are a word-of-mouth type business. The more impressed you are with us and the more positive your experience, some more referrals and customers we get. Our current clients bring our future clients in the door. Our goal is to make your home building a positive experience. After all you only build once. visit our website to find our testimonials And see what clients like Mary, Donna, and Randall have to say about their building experiences.

we’ve been in business since the year 2000 Cher at James Edward builders. we have a process that’s very efficient and accompany the we hope you will come to trust as others have in the past. Our passion is custom to has any homes for our clients that offer quality what matches you are dream visions of the home you desire. We are a member of the Greater Lansing Home Builders Association and the National Association of homebuilders. James Edward Builders offers custom home builder Lansing, as well as in Webberville and Mason, Michigan.

Visit our website to find photos of kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even Exteriors for some of our custom built homes. You’ll also find Parade of Homes viewable online from 2005 her 2018. We believe that you being able to view please digital images that showcase custom home builder Lansing James Edward Builders does for its clients will impress you to let us build your dream home. Visit us online at or give us a call at 517- 256- 4452. we look forward to helping you make your dreams come true today with that dream home you’ve always wanted.

Custom Home Builder Lansing | are you looking to downsize your home?

Are you looking to downsize your current home? A lot of people with changes happening in their lives are looking to downsize. Maybe you’ve recently become an empty nester. Maybe you just realize that you’ve made it a big life change and don’t need as much room as you once did. Whatever the decision you have for downsizing you’re home, we’d be happy to help you downsize through a custom home builder Lansing. Just give James Edward Builders Incorporated a call today.

Not sure what you want and that new home but know that you want a custom built home? you can visit our website Andrew kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and even Exteriors to help that dream along. will be happy to sit down with you and discuss the features you want and your custom built home. we have an efficient process developed over 25 years that helps our clients through the building process from beginning to end. We can help you acquire land, get financing, design your custom built home, build it, and offer you a warranty and a department you can contact directly what any questions for emergencies regarding your warranty after the build is done. Our goal and passion is to make sure that your home building experience is a positive one. Find Custom home builder Lansing through James Edward Builders, Inc.

Want an idea of the work we’ve done over the years? we can offer you that through the Parade of Homes. View photos of our parade homes from the Year 2005 all the way up through the year 2018. A digital walkthrough is available on our website for the last 13 years. want to see something in person? we have Communities that are exclusively James Edward Builders homes. Does it Country Farm estates in Landsberg, Hilltop Condominiums, Riverwalk Meadows and Mason, and Withey in Webberville Michigan. You can also visit these sites on our website for more information. Our homes range from 12,000 square feet on up. but we can custom-build for you regardless of size.

James Edward builders has a passion for providing quality homes for our clients offering you upfront pricing, fast response time, and Custom home builder Lansing , we are a company you Kendall even. With 25 years experience and our members of the Greater Lansing Home Builders Association and the National Association of homebuilders. Still need convincing? Find out what trinisha, Donna, Randall, and Mary have to say about their experience with James Edward Builders.

Reach out to James Edward Builders Incorporated today and let us help you make that dream home a reality. We offer free in-house custom floor plans, and we’ll work with you from start to finish. Our customer base comes from our previous clients and Word of Mouth. The more impressed you are the more clients we have. Visit our website for more information and for virtual tours of previous works by James Edward Builders today at or give us a call at 517- 256- 4452. let’s build your dream home today.

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