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By far the best Custom Home Builder Lansing has to offer is James Edward Builders, Inc. You should choose James Edward for all your needs and desires. There’s not another builder here in Lansing, Michigan it will be able to go above and beyond in order to deliver a world-class product quite like James Edward Builders, Inc. does for each and every client. This is because they truly value your business they treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy that you deserve. As you know many construction contractors are not typically known for their customer care with their commitment to excellence, but here at James Edward Builders, Inc. you will be in the best hands possible. Customer service is the highest prerogative and you are guaranteed to be treated with the most respect and honesty possible if you have any questions comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to give them a call today at (517) 256-4452.

I heard you’re looking for a Custom Home Builder Lansing area? Well, we built our custom home with James Edward Builders, Inc. Tom was general contractor he was such a blessing to us are family. We don’t know what we would have done if we did not have will help and guide us through all of the construction phases. You will be kept apprised every step of the way and you know exactly where you stand regards to time and budget. Promises each and every custom home on time and on budget. And you can trust what he says. This is because he is the most respected custom homebuilder here Lansing, Michigan today.

James Edward Builders, Inc. is your go to Custom Home Builder Lansing area. There’s not another customer on this dedicated and focused and achieving your expectations quite like Tom and his dedicated crew subcontractors. I guarantee you’ll love working with the dedicated workers as they are always going to deliver first-class and their home speak for themselves. You can definitely tell whenever you pass James Edward Builders, Inc. home just by the look and feel of it. Nothing is forgotten in custom homes. Everything is done for the homeowner. The having a custom home. Do anything and everything that you want to do in these homes. So stop looking at cookie-cutter homes, when you can go with the very best here at James Edward Builders, Inc. They had extremely efficient and effective process. This will streamline the entire process and you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

James Edward Builders, Inc. is a member of the greater Lansing home builder Association the national Association of homebuilders, he has been a member of the group for many years. He is constantly giving back to the wonderful people here in Lansing, Michigan. So don’t hesitate to reach out to the very best in the industry here at James Edward Builders, Inc.

If you like to get your own designed custom homes please reach out to James Edward Builders, Inc. today. You may either visit them online at Or feel free to give them a call today at (517) 256-4452.

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The number one Custom Home Builder Lansing company is a company called James Edward Builders, Inc. They have the best builders here in Lansing, Michigan. And I promise there is no true competition regards their level of detail and tenacity to exceed your expectations. They truly are going mile above and beyond the competition to ensure that your home is built exactly up to your high standards. It is very very excited when you start designing your new custom home. When all the pieces are coming together he truly get envision what your hopes can look like after all said and done. Many people simply have no idea who they can trust with their trying to find a honest contractor here in Michigan. This is why always recommend James Edward Builders, Inc. to friends and family as they are the highest and most reviewed builder here in Lansing, Michigan.

If you’re interested in getting signed up today with the absolute best Custom Home Builder Lansing company, then reach out immediately’s James Edward Builders, Inc. Many people seem to have negative experiences with contractors. I don’t blame you, we all the difference by contractors of but here James Edward Builders, Inc. they truly value your time and they are the most trusted name in the industry today and for good reason. It is because they are a company of the word. Whenever they say they’ll do something, you can expect them to do it. This is how you know you’re dealing with the high-class company today. If you have any questions comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out today to the very best here at James Edward Builders, Inc.

Manage you know where to find the number one Custom Home Builder Lansing company, James Edward Builders, Inc., it is your turn to reach out to them. I do encourage you to do a little bit of research on your own. Did James Edward Builders, Inc. right now. Start reading reviews and see exactly what I say about work with the slightest extremely evident that you are dealing with the number one custom homebuilder here Michigan it is his dedication and passion for homebuilding that propelled him to the important spot in the custom home industry.

Nowadays builders are giving 3D renderings of their clients new house. This is the way from the client to visualize with their home will look like before the even begin construction. This is also a wonderful tool in which the designers to make quick changes in real life and thus change throughout the entire design of the home. Back when they had to make a change, your That their way all of the old 2-D designs and and simply make new ones. But now we can add it these 3-D rendering and it will automatically be uploaded throughout the entire program.

James Edward Builders, Inc. as up front pricing. They will be able to study exactly what your home is can a costs without any surprises at the end. James Edward Builders, Inc. avoid change orders like the plague. A change orders basically whenever you make a change in the construction project during construction. He plans out the construction built so well that he doesn’t have to issue change orders. If you like to get signed up today please visit them online at Or you may also give them a call (517) 256-4452.

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