You might be wondering where exactly does a custom home builder Lansing business service? Well James Edward Builders works in the greater Lansing area. James Edward Builders is a very established custom home builder. We make it super easy for all of our customers in the home buying or building industry. Not only can we do a custom home, but we also have many parade homes to choose from. We even have condominiums in different areas. So what locations do we service?

One area that we service is the Webberville area. Webberville is one suburbs of Lansing. We have a great community with Withey Estates. We built this community to have a small-town charm atmosphere. Is one of the few neighborhoods in this Township that has a public sewer and water. Not only is this community close to MSU but it isn’t for from Detroit either. It is i conveniently placed in the Webberville School District as well. This is great area for families who are on the go constantly and are in need to be in the middle of things.

Another area that we serve as a custom home builder Lansing business is the Mason area. The community here at Riverwalk Meadows is an amazing one. Not only does it have a breathtaking view of the Riverwalk Trail that encompasses the neighborhood, but it has tennis courts, and it is a great neighborhood to raise your family in.
Greater Lansing area. This meaning also has access to public water and sewer as well. There is also a newly walkway that takes you shortly to the downtown Mason area, which is very nostalgic. This is an amazing, as well as cozy area, so don’t miss out!

Laingsburg is another in which we service. Country Farm Estates is a perfect area to be in. The sites here are 1 and a half to 2 and a half acres each. It gives the feel of a country area giving each and every family plenty of room to grow with their family. Country Farm Estates’ gorgeous sites are only minutes away from Michigan State University and Eastern even though you feel your further away. This area also has a private walking trail in many acres to stroll through, as well as a creek. It is in the Laingsburg school district and conveniently located.

So, as a custom home builder Lansing business, we service the greater Lansing area. This means that not only can we do custom homes for you wherever you are, but we also have have areas set up and homes built for your convenience. We have a lot of different variety to choose from as well as locations. We want to make the home-building experience the most amazing experience ever, which is why we offer so many options for your home. So let us serve you; let us give you the best possible home for you and yours. Call us today 517-256-4452 or feel free to reach out to us online at!

Ask Us About Our Custom Home Builder Lansing!

As a custom home builder Lansing business, we receive tons and tons of questions. James Edward Builders is your best choice for any custom homebuilder in the area. The amount was we offer is almost unlimited. We have a set of plans you can choose from, with different options for your selection, but we also are able to custom build any home you would like. Maybe you’re a first-time homebuilder and you’re wondering what are some questions that others have asked of us in the past. Some the very many questions we get are about our services, questions and steps on how to build or buy a home, as well as what type locations are available to build on or at.

One of the most frequently asked questions of us here at James Edward Builders is what exactly we do. Or in other words: what are our services; what can we provide you? Well, as a custom home builder Lansing business, we build homes. Although, this breaks down to many different ways. Not only are able to build a custom home for you and your family, but we also have pre-set plans for homes that we have done. Some of our buyers are first-time buyers, and they don’t exactly know what type of home they need or may want. Our present plans come in handy with this because it gives them something to look at and go offer. It is also a good option because with each preset there are different options to choose from for more customization of your home.

Another frequently asked question of us is about how to go about buying a home. Well, there are many steps to take into consideration when buying. We would advise the first step to tour some of our homes to view and discuss layout ideas. DURING a home helps give you an idea of what you want your home to look like. Then the next up would be to figure out your budget. We hear James Edward Builders do not put you out as a customer so it is important that we talk about financing. We want to get you the best home for what you can afford. When we know what you’re looking for in a home as well as your budget and we can start discussing the site. The first two steps to play a part in the site and vice versa, as some sites are more expensive than others. Once we get all nailed down, the next up would be to purchase the home that we discussed. The step after that would be to actually build it and make it happen for you. After building, the next and final step would be for you to move in and enjoy your beautiful new home.

Because Lansing is a great and expanding city, many of our customers want to know where exactly they can build a house, or where a good place to build a house is. Because we build custom homes, we can build any house, but locations are different. You can build on your own land, but we also have many exclusive subdivisions to make your selection easier. Some are subdivisions are County Farm Estates in Laingsburg, Hilltop Condominiums, Riverwalk Meadows near Mason, and we have the Withey Estates in Webberville.

So as a custom home builder Lansing business, we get many different types of questions. These questions include what types of services we offer, what steps to buying or building, as well as what type of locations are available. James Edward Builders is the optimal choice to go with. It is our primary passion to serve, so let us serve you. Call us today at 517-256-4452 or reach out to us online at!

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