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Looking for a better building experience? Most people only build once. Let us build your Dream Home for you today. Your positive experience in home building is our gold. Find best custom Home Builder Lansing with James Edward Builders Incorporated. whether you’re upgrading, downsizing, or building something perfectly suited to your personality, let us make your dreams a reality with that new custom-built home today. Dreaming of a wraparound porch? Or perhaps an outdoor kitchen with a covered patio Attached to your home for outdoor entertainment. do you or your wife have a collection of shoes that needs the perfect Closet Storage? Not matter your dreams, we can help you design that magical home to suit YOU.

Have you been dreaming I’m building your own home for years that still don’t know quite what you want? We can help you with that. Find best custom home Builder Lansing through James Edward Builders Incorporated where we help you start to finish. We can help you acquire the land, get the financing, design and build your home, and design a warranty with the Department answer your questions for the length of that warranty. Let us make that dream your reality today.

Find best custom home builder Lansing with James Edward Builders Incorporated where we offer free and house custom floor plan design. You can even get a 3D rendering. Need to learn more about our work and what we offer our clients, visit our website and do testimonials from people like Mary, Donna, and Randall to see what our previous clients think about us. Oh yeah! Most of our clients come to us through referrals. That means that without That Word of Mouth from previous clients we wouldn’t have a future customer base. That should speak for itself. Our passion is making your dream home a reality.

James Edward Builders is a member of the Greater Lansing home builder Association as well as the National Association of homebuilders. If you’d like to see our working person would be happy to walk you through some of our model homes or you can take a virtual tour on our website. We offer digital viewing of parade of homes built by James Edward Builders from the Year 2005 through the year 2018. See what we could do for you. Don’t forget that even if what you see isn’t listed in our Parade of Homes Built Homes, we can still help you custom design that dream home. Customizing means making your dream a reality.

James Edward Builders has 25 years of experience to bring to the table and building your custom home. no matter the lot size, design, or style of the home you’re dreaming of, we can make it happen at James Edward builders. visit our website at or give us a call at 517– 4452 for more information on building your dream home today.

Find Best Custom Home Builder Lansing | Have You Seen the Parade of homes?

How do you say in the parade of homes? Never been? to Enlighten you the Parade of Homes is a tour of new and remodeled homes held in several regions throughout the United States. And some locations is presented by your local Home Builders Association. Best custom home builders Lansing through James Edward Builders Incorporated. No experience with a Home Builders Association? Let us help you.

Find Best Custom Home Builder Lansingthrough James Edward Builders Incorporated. We are a member of the Greater Lansing home builder Association as well as the National Association of homebuilders. We offer Quality Homes to all of our clients as well as an efficient process that helps you Acquire The Land, Design your dream home and constructed, as well as offers you a warranty and warranty department for that new home. We want to make your home building experience a positive one. You only build once. And often Builders clients come from referrals. What does this mean for us? If you’re not happy we have no referrals. The happier you are in the more satisfied you are with your dream home becoming a reality, the more clients we have in the future. It’s our goal and passion to create that quality dream home for you.

Need to learn more to find best custom home builder Lansing? need to know more about James Edward Builders Incorporated? Please visit our website and find out what some of our clients have to say about their building experience. You’ll see what Mary, Donna, Randall, and trinesha how to say about their experience with us. We have 25 years of experience and home design and construction. We’re sure you’ll find Fast Response times, and Quality Homes when you visit us today. Would be happy to take you on a personalized tour of some of our homes. If you prefer to tour from the comfort of your home then feel free to visit our website for that virtual tour.

We offer digital photos from our Parade of Homes bills from the year 2000 through the year 2018. We know that you’ll find quality and comfort in the designs that you see here that will hopefully inspire you and building your dream home with James Edward Builders today. find best custom home builder Lansing when you visit James Edward Builders Incorporated . are you looking for a wraparound porch, an outdoor kitchen for entertaining purposes, stop perfect closet for trying on your favorite Formal Wear, or just a comfortable custom place to relax can your own space? Let us make your dream whatever it may be a reality today. Let us build that dream for you at James Edward

Whether you reach out to us online at our website at or buy phone at 517-256-4452, we look forward to working together to design and build your dream home. reach out to us today for that free custom floor plan design for your dream home. Will even provide a 3D rendering. Dreams can come true for you.

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