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Do you want to own a Lansing home? In a city that dates back to the 1870s and the capital of Michigan, Lansing offers a collection of Museum opportunities as well as the Potter Park Zoo which is home to magellanic Penguins, Black Rhinos and several other species.Let us build your home and Miss capital city full of unique opportunities in history. We would love to me a custom quality home that’s it’s your dream home. Find Lansing custom home builders at James Edward Builders today.

Our goal is to build a quality custom home providing you with a positive building experience most people only build once. We want your building experience to be the best it can possibly be. We know that working with Lansing custom home builder James Edward builders, you will be provided Fast Response times and a team of Builders with 25 years experience. We have an efficient process built to help you with the building process from the very beginning to the very end. What do we mean by that? We can help you with everything from land acquisition to designing and Customs building your home to the warranty. Start to finish.

Visit our website to find out what our previous clients have to say about us. Trinesha, Mary, and Randall have all left comment for your viewing pleasure. Need more inspiration? have you ever toured Parade of Homes or Tour of Homes? Many of these types of events are put on by a Builders Association. You’ll be happy to know that James Edward Builders is a member of the Greater Lansing home builder Association as well as the National Association of homebuilders. We offer you the opportunity to visit our website and view our parade homes from 2005 all the way up through 2018. Digital photos of each house are available by clicking on The View now for each individual home. That’s 13 years worth of virtual tours available at your fingertips today.

Not into the computers and virtual tours? Allow us to actually walk you through some of our Lansing Custom Home Builder homes. Will not only help you design your own but show you some of the ones that we’ve built. We have exclusive housing additions that include only James Edward builders Inc homes. You can find those homes in addition such as Country Farm estates in Laingsburg, Hilltop Condominiums, Riverwalk Meadows in Mason, and Withey in Webberville. Are homes in the housing additions range anywhere from 1,200 square feet to 3000 square feet. we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. If you prefer a custom-built custom-designed home we can provide you with that too. Sit down with us and let’s include some of your favorite features in your dream home.

When you visit our website we’re sure you’ll find more than enough inspiration and examples of the work that we offer. If you do happen to have any questions, please feel free spilling our contact form our website at or give us a call at517-256-4452. will be happy to provide the answers to any questions you may have. We also offer a custom floor plan design. Will even throw in a 3D rendering. We look forward to helping you build your dream home today.

Lansing Custom Home Builder | do you like HGTV?

Do you like HGTV? do you enjoy watching a house get remodeled or is it the end result you’re interested in? Does HGTV inspire you to build your dream home? Do you have a favorite home remodeled by chip and Joanna Gaines? Have you ever dreamed of building your own custom build Dream Home? Lansing custom home builder James Edward builders would love to make that dream a reality. visit us online at or call us today at 512-256-4452.

When you visit our website be sure to check out what our past clients have to say about us. We’re sure you’ll be intrigued by what they have to say. Trinesha Change that we build incredible homes. Mary recently built a home with us to be sure to see what she has to say. We’re impressed Donna and Tom with the fact that we keep in touch even after the building is finished. I’ll let you read randle’s response for yourself. Be sure to visit our website to see what he had to say. Our designs are carefully created with you so that all of your wants and needs are carefully added into your dream home. This ensures that the quality and features that you desire are things that you come home to when the building is done. our goal is to create a positive building experience for each client we come in contact with.

At James Edward Builders where you’ll find Lansing custom home builder experience of 25 years to your benefit, we are for you 13 years of parade homes viewing at your fingertips. Visit our website to view these 13 homes turn off parade homes beginning in 2005 through 2018. James Edward Builders as a member of the Greater Lansing home builder Association as well as a National Association of homebuilders. We have the ability to help you with land purchases, financing, designing your home with all the features you’ve been dreaming of, construction of that dream home, furniture the warranty of your new home.

If you’d like to see and walk through some of our homes, will happily walk you through for the full experience of a James Edward Builders home. We have exclusive housing additions which offer only James Edward builders such as: Country Farm estates in Laingsburg, Hilltop Condominiums, Riverwalk Meadows in Mason, and Withey in Webberville. whether you’re looking for a Hands-on Physical tour or a virtual tour through digital media, we’re happy to assist you. we want to carefully incorporate your dream features into your custom built home.We know you will find Lansing custom home builder opportunities with James Edward Builders.

What 25 years of experience in home design and construction Thomas James gottschalk have the ability to assist you with your dream home and custom built. please visit chip view your virtual tour or are testimonials from previous client Orchard fill out a contact form to get in touch with us electronically. If you have any further questions or future questions you would like to ask please feel free to give us a call at 517-256-4452.We look forward to hearing from you today.

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