If you are currently looking Lansing Custom Home Builder make sure you look into James Edward builder’s before making any decisions. At James Edward builder’s you are guaranteed to find the appropriate deal for your budget while still getting the quality or after. James Edward builder’s is currently the most trusted name in industry and they provide quality custom homes for people all across Michigan, and they also offer free tours of. The free tour will allow the client to get a first-hand view of the quality of their custom homes. When it comes to buying or customizing a new home James Edward builder’s is the place for you and everyone else.

There many Lansing Custom Home Builder, but none of them hold a candle to James Edward builders. Tom James Gottschalk, the founder of the company, is extremely passionate and educated in the field of custom home building. Tom attended Michigan State University for building and construction management during the fall of 1984. Following his college education he spent the next 15 years working in the commercial filled and an established custom homebuilder in his area. After a decade and a half he finally decided to kickstart his own custom home building company in the year 2000. His passion and experience is what made this possible. James Edward builders are currently member of the greater Lansing homebuilders Association, and also the national Association of home builders. Knowing this should help assure you that by choosing James Edward builders you are making the right decision. There is no other custom home building company with as much pride and dedication as James Edward builders.

James Edward builders are Lansing Custom Home Builder, but also specialize in designing and building custom homes suited individual client they may come in touch with. James Edward builders is able to either build your custom home on your own land, or they could also build your custom home on theirs. With every home purchased from James Edward builders, whether new or old, you will be receiving a new home warranty. This new home warranty will give you comfort knowing that if something out of your control happens that you will be covered. There is no other deals like these on the market, we promise you.

James Edward buildings takes much pride in customer satisfaction. They offer reasonable and straightforward prices with no riffraff. They have by far the fastest response times, and the most comforting and efficient process when it comes to custom homes. James Edward buildings will assist you with budgeting and financing. James Edward builders wants to make sure that the employee client process is extremely comforting and low stress. The experienced employees of James Edward builders continue to help provide the best service to any and everybody that comes their way.

Enter builders offers a free in-house custom floor plan design with 3-D rendering. A 3-D rendering can make the custom home building process way more comfortable for the client. This will provide them with the visual walk-through of their future home. Contact them for free consultation today by calling them at 517-256-4452, or visiting their website at James Edward builders.com.

How Are Some Of The Lansing Custom Home Builder People Helpful?


Have you found yourself looking for Lansing Custom Home Builder? Well if you have then you definitely don’t want to miss this information. James Edward builders is currently the most respected custom home building company in the industry. With quality custom homes fitted just to your liking. The sitdown process is extremely comfortable and easy and our employees will make sure to hear the clients out on every need or concern they may have. You also can schedule a free tour of James Edward builders homes, which will allow to get an up close and personal look at our quality and standards.

There are plenty of Lansing Custom Home Builder, they’re not all for you. There is one place though that you can trust and that is James Edward builders. Founded by Tom James Gottschalk in the early 2000. Tom studied building construction management at Michigan State University in the fall of 1984. He then spent the next 15 years working in the commercial filled as well as working with an already established custom homebuilder in his area. With those 15 years of experienced he developed a passion, and a dominant understanding of the business. This is a what allowed him to take his own custom home building business and build it up to the standard it is today. James Edward builders is currently a member of the greater Lansing homebuilders Association, as well as the national Association of homebuilders. This should comfort you, and make you confident in choosing James Edward builders for your custom home needs.

James Edward builders are the best Lansing Custom Home Builder, and they guarantee that you and them can strike a deal that’s fair in affordable and fits your budget. Design homes that are tailored exactly to their clients vision. They can build their homes on your land or even a piece of land of theirs. Each home that is sold by James Edward builders comes with a new home warranty unlike any other company offers. Their continuous dedication to customer satisfaction is when a long way and has allowed them to grow exponentially over the last several years. They continue to grow and show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

James Edward builders is extremely happy to say that their process is by far the most efficient out of any other custom home building companies. They offer fair and direct upfront pricing no confusion. What you get is what you get when you use James Edward builders. James Edward builders has the fastest response times around, and they even offer help evaluating your budget. If that doesn’t sound great then you’re never going to find what you’re looking for. This is by far the easiest company to deal with, and has the highest customer satisfaction around.

Something extremely awesome about James Edward builders is that they offer a free in-house custom floor plan design that comes equipped with a 3-D rendering. This will allow clients to have a visual tour of their future home. This will prevent any kind of mishaps and also will allow the customer to feel confident in their decision before proceeding to the actual building process. Any changes that are requested can be made before moving to the next step. Get a hold of James Edward builders today by phone at 517-256-4452, or visit their website at JamesEdwardbuilders.com.

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