Are you currently keeping an eye out for homes for sale Lansing Michigan? He thought about having your own custom home design? Well James Edward builder’s is more than willing to sit down and help you design your own high quality custom home. James Edward builders is by far the most trusted custom home building company available. They build quality custom homes that are customized exactly how you would like. You can get a free tour of our homes scheduled today. Taking a tour of our homes will allow you to first hand just how high of quality custom homes actually are. You’re not going to want to overload James Edward builders you are attempting to have a custom home built.

there are numerous homes for sale Lansing Michigan. This does not mean that you should just buy one on a whim. Going to want to look every available option. Doing so will bring you to the conclusion that James Edward builders is. James Edward builders is the best company for this kind of thing. And we will tell you why. Tom James Gottschalk founded the company in 2000 after spending a decade working in the commercial field and in already established custom home building company in his area. He had attended Michigan State University for building construction management back in 1984. This allowed him to develop an extreme passion and further his skills in the field. Tom’s passion allowed him to build his company all the way to the top of the food chain. James Edward builders is currently a member of the greater Lansing homebuilders Association, as well as the national Association of homebuilders.

There definitely is plenty of homes for sale Lansing Michigan, but you can have the opportunity of customizing your own home. Custom designed homes are becoming more and more popular every year. These custom homes can be designed with you, and that’s what makes it extremely sought after. Doesn’t everybody want to home that is designed exactly how they want? James Edward builders can have the home built on land that you already own, but will also build your home on land that we own. Every home purchased from us is equipped with the new home warranty. This is awesome because you will know that you will be covered if anything out of control happens to the home.

James Edward builders can proudly say that they have the fastest response times out of all custom home building companies in the US. They have more than reasonable pricing with no hidden fees. The process is extremely effective, efficient and stress-free. James Edward builders will also help look over your budget and help you decide decide what you can afford and what you cannot afford. You should know that when it comes to buying or designing a custom home James Edward builders is the perfect choice. Was an extremely large list of customer reviews and feedback that are continuously positive you can be sure that this is the case.

James Edward builders is currently offering a free in-house custom floor plan design that comes with the 3-D rendering. 3-D rendering of custom homes has allowed customers across the US to get exact you what their home may look like or spending all the money building. James Edward builders employees will converse with the customer and together design their custom home. They then can go over this 3-D modeling and decide what they like and do not like and changes can be made for the building begins. If you want to get started now give the James Edward builders a call at 517-256-4452, or visit them at their website

Are There Any Kind Of Great Homes For Sale Lansing Michigan For My Family?


All the homes for sale Lansing Michigan are no match to the custom homes that James Edward builders design and build for you. James Edward builders has tenuously been labeled the most trusted industry. There custom homes speak for themselves just going take that tour. All of their customers are more than welcome to take a tour of our homes so they can see upfront what kind of quality work James Edward builders provide before they decide to pay a dime. Without a doubt in the world James Edward builders is the absolute best for the job.

homes for sale Lansing Michigan are extremely overpriced and definitely are not built to your liking. Tom James Gottschalk and his company James Edward builders on the other hand have affordable and above industry-standard designs and builds. Tom is the owner and founder of James Edward builders. Tom started the company in 2000 after attending Michigan State University in 1984. He then worked in the home-building industry as well as a construction management company. James Edward builders is currently a member of the greater Lansing homebuilders Association, as well as the national Association of homebuilders. This only adds to their reputation, and can only make you more comfortable with choosing them to design and build your new quality custom home.

Why look at homes for sale Lansing Michigan can have a home design and build custom for you. Do you want to one story home two-story home or three-story home? The matter what your dreams may be I guarantee James Edward builders can do for you. Their custom design homes can come with any style you can imagine and in the amount of floor plans. Home can also be built on your current lot or you could have it built on one of our lots. The choices really yours in it comes to where and how your home is built. Also every home sold by James Edward builders comes with the new home warranty. This will assure you that if something out of your control happens to the home that you will be covered. Isn’t that great?

James Edward builders is more concerned with providing for their customers. It’s not just about building houses, it’s about building houses for you. James Edward builders has put in all the work necessary to build a system that is efficient and comforting to every client. What allows James Edward builders to be the greatest in the business is that all of their employees are passionate and knowledgeable in the business of custom homes. James Edward builders put a time of effort into making sure that customer satisfaction is the focus. They want to make sure they listen to the customer on any concerns or needs they may have. They will be there with the client from start to finish and even thereafter. I have extremely upfront pricing and unbelievable response times. The process is efficient stress-free and fast. They can also help you evaluate your budget to decide what price range you are searching for.

Consider builders offers a free in-house custom floor plan design with 3-D rendering. This 3-D rendering will allow the customers to take a virtual tour of their property before building begins. If you are looking to get started make sure you contact James Edward builders today at 517-256-4452, or visit them at their website Consider builders looking forward to doing business with you in the future. They are the best in the business and their the best for you hands-down.

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